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Well, hello.. THIS IS HUGE [Nov. 15th, 2006|10:34 pm]
Grocery Lists


method Hand Wash, Spiced Pear
method Dish Soap Liquid, Pink Grapefruit
method Blue Sky, Streak Free Glass Cleaner, Aroma: Mint
method Dish Cubes, Cucumber Lemon
method Tub + Tile, Soap Scum + Stain Remover, Eucalyptus Mint Scent
method Dryer Sheets, Fresh Air Fragrance
method Aroma Soy Candle, Lavender + Lemongrass
method Cleaning Wipes, Pink Grapefruit
Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner, Natural Citrus Scent
Seventh Generation Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Mint Scent
Seventh Generation Natural Automatic Dishwashing Detergent, Free & Clear
method Hand Wash, Pomegranate
Softlips Lip Protectant with Sunscreen SPF 20, Mint Delight
Kleenex Cottonelle For Kids, Toilet Tissue, Double Roll
Casabella Round Brush Scrubber
Mrs. Meyer's All Purpose Cleaner, Lavender
Huggies Clean Team baby wipes, Melon

Right, just moved into a new house and realizing I don't own half the things I need! I live in Hawaii and we don't have Target here but when I was in DC I got hooked on those products so this order is from drugstore.com. Free shipping but a ten dollar surcharge to ship to Hawaii.

Horizon 2% Organic Milk
Irish oatmeal, quick cooking
Bear Naked granola
Kelloggs Cinnamon French Toaster Sticks
Kelloggs Cinnamon Toast Waffles
Egg Beaters, Southwestern
Pork sausage
Kraft skim milk string cheese
Milano cookies, orange
POM white peach tea, x4
Turkey breast, smoked and sliced
Caesar salad kit
Kerry Aged Cheddar
Chinese Chicken Salad kit
Southwestern chicken salad kit
Ginger Snaps
Tetley teabags
Evian 1l 6 pack, 2x
Ziplocs with Halloween pumpkins on them
Strawberry Fig Newtons, minis
Castellana pasta
Amy's kitchen Macaroni & Cheese
Amy's kitchen Cheese Enchiladas, Black Bean Enchiladas
Philip's Baltimore Crabcakes
Nishiki japanese rice
Chicken breasts
Steaks, New York
Molokai Steak sauce
Ground beef
kidney beans
Red onion
Shredded "Mexican" Cheese
Love's "Kids" bread
Canned soups (lentil, italian wedding, tomato)
Green beans
Popcorn, organic butter minibags
Lightlife SmartBBQ (this is delicious! meat free, high in protein, low in calories)
Candied Walnuts
Goat cheese crumbles (nondescript)
Cranberries (The last four items make a great salad with vinaigrette and some grilled chicken)
Pomegranate juice
Wheat thins, reduced fat
Odwalla Orange juice
Beneful Dogfood
Some sort of doggie breath control biscuits (they don't work)
Patron cafe
Patron Pyrat rum

And always, I leave and about 5 minutes later realize there is a bunch of garbage I forgot about. I can't wait to shop for Thanksgiving. That's my entire task for my day off, Monday. I grouped most of the items as they will be used together. Well, for the most part.. I don't wash down the doggie breath biscuits with a shot of patron. You get the idea though.