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[Nov. 30th, 2006|11:38 pm]
Grocery Lists


the commissary.

kellogs cinnamon french toaster sticks x2
eggo cinnamon toast
red peppers x2
red onions x2
red potatoes, 5lbs
horizon 2% organic milk
ben & jerry's organic vanilla ice cream
tropicana grovestand orange juice
land o' lakes butter, 1lb
ritz sticks
kraft macaroni and cheese, organic
100 calorie packs, harvest cheddar multigrain chips
baked lay's sour cream & cheddar potato chips
strawberry mini newtons
heinz ketchup, organic
quaker instant oatmeal packets, maple brown sugar/apple variety pack
cream of wheat, maple
granola munch'ems
lamb sirloin chop x4
new york steak x2
lamb chops x2
chicken breasts
organic ground beef
yams, x3
diet coke fridge pack
bananas, organic
kraft string cheese, 2%
salad, BLT caesar mix
salad, asian mix
swiss miss vanilla pudding
swiss miss hot cocoa variety pack
light mayonnaise
pepper grinder
tuna chunk white x3
st. ives body wash x3 (it was really cheap..)
hearty multigrain bread
whole wheat bread
pom tea x3
Bigelow apple cider
whole wheat penne
sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce
alouette artichoke cheese
poptarts, brown sugar
french fried onion topping
cream of mushroom soup x2
organic garlic mashed potatoes

the package store.
kirin ichiban in the can, because I like the design
kirin ichiban light, 2 six packs
dos equis, 6 pack

I eat alot.. Perhaps if I stop running 900 miles a week.....