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What Sounds Really Good Right About Now [Oct. 11th, 2010|01:05 am]
Grocery Lists


umeboshi plums
organic rice cakes
all natural organic but sugary peanut butter
organic lemons
local clover honey
buckwheat honey
farmer's soft mozarella cheese
avacado, red bell pepper, red onion
organic blueberry juice
3 packages of high protein tofu
2 packages of vegan bean burgers
ezekiel buns
ezekiel almond cereal
rice milk unsweet
unsweetened soy milk
coconut yogurt raspberry flavor
buckwheat waffles
grade b syrup
pumpkin pie mix
ancient grains flour
daiya cheese
pad thai noodles and mix
roasted salted pecans
sweet potatoes
fresh baked bread
vegan barbeque sauce
barley malt syrup
short grain brown rice
not dogs
powdered ginger
pumpkin pie spice
ginger root
vegan butter

[User Picture]From: marci_ny
2011-11-26 05:00 pm (UTC)
Your list sounds soo good! :)
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