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Shopping List [Sep. 30th, 2006|01:49 am]
Grocery Lists

[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |INXS- Devil Inside]

Went down to the supermarket to get a few things, ended up buying enough to feed an army, or an African nation.

6 slices of ham
1kg mild cheddar cheese
french herb pate
3x tubs of margarine
2x blocks of butter
pumpkin & kumara hummus
small bottle of cream
2x pots of marinated mussels
frozen peas
frozen pastry
tub of sour cream
1 lettuce
1 bag of red yams
8 bananas
1 tray of portobello mushrooms
6 tomatoes
1kg long grain rice
packet of pasta spirals
pack of flour tortillas
lemon chicken stir fry sauce
box of Bisto gravy mix
2x sweet and sour stirfy sauce
taco sauce
2x tins of peaches
jar of peanut butter
creamy mushroom pasta sauce
jar of mayonnaise
tin of tomato sauce
jar of pasta sauce
2x bags of instant coffee
4x small tins of flavoured salmon
jar of balti sauce
3x boxes of muesli bars
mint chocolate biscuits
fruit & oat cookies
3 different sorts of crackers (2 whole grain- 1 plain, 1 with garlic, and 1 98% fat free)
2 bags of potato chips
60 freezer bags
burrito seasoning mix
taco seasoning mix
4 bottle of apple and nectarine juice
1 loaf of cheese bread
2 loaves of malted grain bread
box of tissues
detergent refill pack
rubbish bags
2 rolls of paper towels
8 pack of toilet paper

At least we won't starve.
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My (very small) grocery list [Sep. 20th, 2006|05:22 pm]
Grocery Lists

[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |Blindspot- Lull]

We've been cooking on a budget lately, and haven't bought ANY groceries for the past fortnight. We had quite a store of frozen meat, bread and vegetables (we have a large chest freezer, and two fridge freezers), so we hadn't needed to buy any food at all while the man of the house was off work.
We needed a few things this week, and this is what I picked up;

1 bottle of pepsi
1 refill pack of detergent
1 block of butter
about 650gms of hoki (a firm white fish, it was reduced to clear, and that much fish for $3.40 is definitely a great buy!)
1 can of black V (an energy drink, similiar to red bull)
1kgs of frozen mixed vegetables
1 kingsize block of chocolate (for making brownies, heh)
1 tin of pineapple slices
4 rolls of toilet paper
5kg bag of high grade flour

I think we have a serious hoarding problem, they're always stocking up on stuff, so we're going through our reserves slowly, coming up with some interesting meal ideas! Lots of condensed soup based casseroles and pies, and making lots of muffins.
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CSA list and Whole Foods list [Aug. 20th, 2006|11:05 am]
Grocery Lists

This is what I got at the CSA:

10 ears sweet corn
4 small green peppers
small bag green and red okra (well, it was a purpley red colour)
about 2 big and 6 smaller tomatoes
1 pint yellow pear shaped tomatoes
red kale (? it's a green, maybe chard)
4 little pumpkiny looking squashes
we were allowed to pick 12 peaches, but with the absence of rain, there were no ripe ones and many of them were teeny and didn't look very good. So we ended up skipping the peaches. We didnt get any fruit this week. Blackberries ended last week and, though we got 2 musk melons last week, we got none this week. The tomatoes more than made up for the lack of fruit.
We also bought 4 lbs burgers (12 burgers) free range, organic local beef.

At Whole Foods:

Wellshire Farms bacon (was disappointed they are still out of Niman Ranch)
two packages smoked salmon trim (cheaper than regular smoked salmon and great for bagels)
organic whole wheat sesame hamburger buns
organic sourdough bread
organic peanut butter
12 pack sesame bagels
1 package Organic Valley cream cheese
1 pkg 365 brand butter (for baking)
1 pkg organic butter (for eating)
1 pint organic valley heavy cream
bulk organic baby mixed greens
3 pack organic garlic
regular peaches sale
Earth bananas
regular honeydew sale
regular watermelon
sheeps milk feta
365 brand tricolour pasta
365 brand speghetti pasta
bulk organic long grain brown rice
bulk organic rolled oats
365 brand pinenuts
organic sucanat
vanilla extract
organic grade B maple syrup
5lb bag regular whole wheat flour
5lb bag regular unbleached flour
365 brand chocolate chips
Fantastic foods boxed tabouli mix
Westbrae Naturals yellow mustard
Kashi TLC wheat crackers
Organic Evening Primrose oil capsules
kids dino shaped vitamins
2 bars 365 brand soap (unscented and lavender)
bag popcorn (and when I got home I found where I had stashed the last batch I bought. I have TONS of popcorn now)

I think that's it! We have plenty of meat so we should be fine in that dept. Whole Foods is mainly for basic produce when the CSA doesn't give me something and for my grain products (like rice and pasta).
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Meal plan for Aug 6-11 [Aug. 11th, 2006|08:16 pm]
Grocery Lists

Last week's meal plan got lost to the filial visit, so this week I was determined to get back on the ball. I had an idea to try having a selection of cold salads for flexible, pre-made dinners. We've needed a solution to the "I want to bike every night and eat home-cooked food, too" problem we've been having this summer. There has also been the "Kevin reacting in horror to the idea of making any more heat in the house," another problem solved by having cold salads.

meal planCollapse )

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Shopping List! 30-07-06 [Jul. 31st, 2006|12:27 pm]
Grocery Lists

[Current Location |Jack Johnson- Sitting, waiting, wishing]

1.2kgs gravy beef
1.3kgs skinless/boneless chicken breasts
1.5kgs minced beef
$10 pack of pork chops (about 1.75 kgs)
1 family sized steak and vegetable pie
1 tube of sausage meat
10 lamb sausages

1.3 kgs mandarins
6 bananas
2 trays of brown button mushrooms (reduced to clear for $1 each)

bottle of vanilla essence
tin of campbells cream of mushroom coup
tin of campbells pumpkin soup
tin of red curry sauce
tin of sweetened condensed milk
3x tins of pasta sauce
bottle of stirfry sauce (chinese barbecue)
2x bottles of orange juice
1 cup of noodles (which i am going to eat after I finish this!)
6 pack of boxes of chocolate uht milk
pack of fruit in jelly containers
box of cheese spread and cracker snacks
3x packets of potato chips
12 pack of mini-chip-packets
instant coffee
6 pack of breakfast drinks
meal mix for indian mango chicken
chocolate chips
tim tams (dark chocolate, yummy!)
onion soup mix
twin pack of chocolate chip biscuits
1kg long grain rice
2x boxes of museli bars
box of 20 taco shells
2x wheatmeal sandwich bread
2x wholegrain sandwich bead
blueberry and apple lattice pie (it was reduced to clear, and i love rescuing things from the reduced to clear section!)

2L milk
800mL cream
250g cream cheese
500g block of butter
cold meat- shaved chicken, shaved ham, and sliced ham.
caramel flavoured dairy food
pack of 6 frozen spring rolls
skinless cheese frankfurters

1 bottle of detergent
sanitary pads
3x deoderant roll-ons
2x body spray
toilet paper (8 roll pack)
box of tissues
disposable razors
2x bars of my favourite soap (peppermint scented, mmm. i smell like a candy cane!)

Obviously not all for this week. We have a chest freezer and two fridge/freezers, so we always buy more then we need, and freeze it or let it sit in the fridge until it goes mouldy.

Things we forgot:
Taco seasoning
Fabric softener

MealCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jul. 30th, 2006|06:14 pm]
Grocery Lists
MY mom came down to visit and when she looked in shock at the state of my food supply she took my grocery shopping.

2L skim milk
orange juice
diet pepsi
whole wheat pita bread
lots of cans of soup
ramen noodle bowls
red leaf lettuce
baby carrots
whole wheat bread
flax bagels
cream cheese
key lime sherbert

pub crawl trail mix

I must admit that I feel ashamed that everyone has these awesome lists and the awesome stuff they make. Sooo jealous. I'm a 21 year old Canadian university student with no cooking skills. I go to the grocery store like once every 3 months lol
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Meal plan and grocery list, July 22-29 [Jul. 29th, 2006|08:37 pm]
Grocery Lists

This week went to hell, so far as meal planning went. I can try blaming this on my son visiting, but it's just as much about the other factors that are inhibiting our cooking: this heat wave, and our sudden biking passion. We're living on restaurant food this week and next, until we can recover our momentum.

meal plan, as it happened, with accompanying color commentary and restaurant reviewsCollapse )

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Meal Plan and Grocery List for 7/15-7/21 [Jul. 28th, 2006|02:36 pm]
Grocery Lists

I am so tardy in getting this list up that I can't remember what changes occurred to this meal list. We're still struggling with fitting biking and cooking into our schedule, so we end up going out to eat or scrounging something out of the fridge or freezer for dinner.

Meal Plan

Saturday: Delivery from Teapot
Sunday: Mustard curry fish, bok choy, and rice
Monday: Chicken tenders, squash-carrot saute, rice
Tuesday: Hamburgers, corn on the cob, green veg
Wednesday: Sage-garlic white beans with greens and rice
Thursday: Asian chicken lettuce wraps
Friday: Broiled chicken, roasted potatoes and assorted veg

Shopping List

Whole Foods
seasonal fruit
baby bellas
roasted peanuts
whole chicken
1 lb ground chicken
chicken tenderloins
tomato paste
can diced tomatoes
can water chestnuts
rice vermicelli
bar soap
frozen spinach
frozen peaches
bakery rolls

ground beef
dried cranberries
head lettuce

brown rice
toilet paper
paper towels
quart ziplocks

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Yesterdays Shopping List! [Jul. 24th, 2006|11:48 am]
Grocery Lists

[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |Thursday-Counting 5-4-3-2-1]

Fruit and vegetables:
2kg pacific beauty apples
7 nz oranges (i should have got imported ones, they are so much easier to peel)
about 1.5kg mandarins
6x brocolli (they were on special- 97c each)
2x bunches of bananas (about 12)
1 whole cauliflower
1/2 red cabbage
about 200g yams
about 500g white button mushrooms
3 tomatoes

1.5kg chicken legs
800g chicken schnitzel
1kg chicken wings
2x 400g packs shoulder bacon

aloe vera moisturiser
toilet cleaner
dishwashing liquid
3x council rubbish bags

Chocolate mud cake
6 cheese rolls
4 pack peaches in juice (they are small plastic containers, with peaches in, great for lunches)
white and dark chocolate cookies
chocolate wafer bicuits
chocolate chip sandwich cookies
sliced deli roast pork
sliced deli smoked chicken
large family sized steak pie
golden korma sauce
blueberry jam
box of fruit porridge sachets
3x cups of noodles
instant coffee
flaky puff pastry
potato chips
box of 3pack oreo cookies
12 pack of twisties (cheesy corn snacks)
2x blocks of butter
1x large block of edam cheese
tin of baked beans
hokey pokey flavoured muesli bars
tv guide
4x tins of flavoured tuna
2x bottles of fruit juice (one apple, one orange)
5kg bag of flour
6 pack of uht chocolate milk drinks
6 pack of chocolate up'n'go
packet of 10 plastic teaspoons
3x candy bars- snickers, time out, twirl
1 starburst anaconda
1 starbust grape lollipop
1 container of gummy skittles
1 starburst soda squirts

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July 9-14 Meal Plan and Grocery List [Jul. 17th, 2006|01:47 pm]
Grocery Lists

We made a trip to the Costco recently, where among other things we stocked up on lamb. You can get a nice New Zealand leg there for a lot cheaper than at Whole Foods. Kevin butchers the leg down to a couple of "roastlets" and some cuts suitable for stew or curry. On Sunday he roasted on the the roastlets and I just enjoyed the last portion of that meal from the freezer today for lunch. Mmm.

meal planCollapse )

grocery listCollapse )

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