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you are what you eat!

Grocery Lists
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One of my favorite hobbies is sneaking a peak at the contents of other people's grocery carts while I am out doing my own grocery shopping. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the kinds of purchases they make and the kinds of foods they put into their bodies. I know I can't be the only person fascinated by this, right??

This community is a place to post your grocery and shopping lists. Tell us what you just bought at the grocery store today. Tell us what you're planning on getting when you go.


1. Grocery and general shopping lists only. Shopping lists that include more than groceries are fine if you went to a place like Target, Wal-mart, or a drugstore. But we don't need to hear a rundown of what you bought when you went clothes shopping or a list from your trip to Best Buy.

2. If you want to post pictures of what you got at the store, that's fine, but only one image is allowed outside of a LJ-cut tag, and this image must be under 400x400 pixels.

3. NO SPAMMING OR ADVERTISING. Do not post community advertisements or any other type of spam or advertisement here.

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